From sous chef to star

We were “gifted” with some Blue Apron meals so I’ve been promoted from my sous chef status. And “star” might be an over-reach, but…

I can see the positives firsthand:

  • right to the door – bad weather this week, they adjusted my delivery day
  • variety of diets – we selected “Weight Watcher” recipes since that was closest to the way we typically eat
  • individualized food preferences – opt out of pork for example
  • select your own meals – so you stay in your comfort zone
  • let Blue Apron select for you – so you’ll eat a bit more adventurously – sambal oelek anyone?
  • everything is pre-measured – mise en place without you getting out any bowls or measuring devices
  • no missed ingredients – you need salt, pepper and olive oil on hand
  • people like to feel like they did something in meal prep
  • detailed and timed directions – OK, I didn’t follow a few points that seemed unnecessary to me but it’s all explained!

The negatives:

  • ¬†elaborate packaging – while everything comes perfectly contained there’s a bit more packaging than ingredients

I don’t know how other meal kits work but the idea fascinates me. For that lost generation whose parents were never in the kitchen, this system could be a very helpful instructor. And fun.

Sometimes we forget the upside of eating –¬† it can take you around the world on a plate. Try a new food to be well,


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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Netflix knew what it was doing featuring Marie Kondo’s series at the start of a new year. It’s the time most of us assess the past year and plan for the new one. For those who have read her book, you’re aware there is honor and respect and thankfulness brought to the process.

Second, determine what activities besides cooking and eating you do in the kitchen. Who manages mail there? Since the kitchen is for eating, then sorting and opening the mail and leaving stacks of paper increases the chance you’ll snack there while multi-tasking. Is there a healthier place to sort mail?

And thirdly, a chaotic kitchen leads to mindless eating. You’re standing and eating while talking on the phone or reading and you just gnawed through a sleeve of crackers without realizing it.

Clutter-free kitchen counters bring a sense of calm. You are more likely to be thoughtful about your eating, take a seat, take a plate and actually enjoy what you’re eating.

Don’t cheat yourself of the enjoyment of your food. Create a neat environment to slow you down and bring you joy! It’s the MarciaCraw :)) method to be well.

Happy New Year!


PS The MarciaCraw method doesn’t even you require that you clean out that kitchen junk drawer!

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