Working from home?

Can’t quite fathom what percentage of our population that is, but let’s figure it’s many. Three quick thoughts for today.

First, schedule your day including your meals. I’d suggest scheduling your snacks, too, but with limited activity perhaps additional snacks are not needed (heresy? perhaps). As my college students were turning in their own dietary analyses this week, 90 percent of them mentioned their lack of a schedule totally changed what and how much they were eating. Many referred to “mindless” eating as well. So, good for them to recognize what influenced their nutritional intake; the rest of us need to take note!

Second, get dressed. I’m talking clothing that has a waist line or belt! No sweats or athleisure wear…and yes, I remember it was me who showed up on line in a bathrobe. We often use external cues to tell us when we’ve eaten enough – the plate is empty, for example. I’m pretty sure you get the value of what cue a belt will offer.

Third, don’t set up your workspace in the kitchen. Right, I know there’s a table, but no good nutrition habits result from lingering in the kitchen all day. More exposure to food, naturally encourages a greater intake.

Will talk about what we SHOULD be doing in the kitchen in another Minute, until then, be well,


PS Notice I didn’t mention your cocktail hour schedule? You’re on your own there – I’ve moved mine earlier but now thinking four hours was too much.

PPS An old post to remind us about expanding waistlines!! http://marciacrawford.net/archives/prisoner-weight

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