Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Bust Your Gut This Summer

silhouette-obese-manRemember when the summer months were the time you lost weight without even trying? If that’s a distant memory, here are 5 possible reasons you’ve not been successful in shedding a few pounds this year.

1. Too little activity. Once the temperature (and humidity) soars, most of us tend to find excuses to stay at home, wander the mall or just go out to eat for entertainment. Jumping on your bike, taking a hike, even putt putt with a cart sounds like too much trouble. Swimming is one answer and an air conditioned gym is a second. But how about getting up earlier and beating the heat to whatever activity you really enjoy?

2. Extra get-togethers. Whether you’re throwing a bash at your own house or taking part in a carry-in at the neighbor’s, parties mean party foods which, honestly, we all know are high in fat and sugar. Be daring and make or bring a healthy dip. Homemade salsas or yogurt-based dips are your starting point; be sure to add interesting fresh veggies as the dippers.

3. Summer alcohol. Cooling off with a beer or a pitcher of margaritas is the quickest way to not even notice calories consumed. Hydrate with non-alcoholic, non-sugary beverages. Counting your drinks is another sure-fire way to control them. Women’s health is negatively effected after one drink/day and for men it’s two drinks/day; count them and beware.

4. Frozen desserts – whether it’s ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt we tend not to count those calories either. We’re hot; they cool us off. Period. You’ll never get by with a sweet treat with less than 250 calories. These are treats, not everyday foods; try an upside down fruit sundae that we talked about a couple weeks ago.

5. Fresh produce. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. The roadside stand, farmer’s markets or CSA’s offer us such a healthy bounty, how could they be bad? Quantity. You can even eat too much of a good thing. Smaller plates, filled once, might be the solution to this one.

Summer’s not over; if any of these reasons have YOUR name on it, make a positive change and be well,


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