Thanksgiving, already?

Where does the time go…a few quick kitchen tips for Thanksgiving from the USDA!

  • Wash your hands, countertops, sink, sponges, prep knives, utensils, dishtowels…
  • Do NOT wash your turkey – that only spreads bacteria!
  • Plan refrigerator space in advance for your big bird
  • Do NOT leave your bird out on the counter to thaw
  • Buy a meat thermometer in one of your 17 trips to the grocery
  • Do NOT use the scanning thermometer you bought for the kids!
  • Refrigerate leftovers promptly; food left at room temperature more than two hours is dangerous!
  • Do NOT serve food that has been left out longer to the relatives. No matter how you feel about them!!

Be food safe to be well,

Happy Thanksgiving,




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