When skipping is bad!

skippingNo, not skipping rope. That’s always good.

Skipping meals is what’s bad.

While many began the race with Halloween, the rest of us joined at Thanksgiving. The race of holidays, AKA, eating season. Busy? Over committed? Stressed? Scattered? None of those descriptors portend something positive for your diet.

It’s a fairly common practice to skip meals during the season. For some, it’s a weight loss strategy. Wuuut? It’s probably the most ineffective one to choose.

People who skip meals tend to be heavier and here are a few simplified reasons why:

  • You think you’re saving your calories from one meal and using them at the next BUT people tend to become so hungry they overeat at that next meal
  • Your energy lags, you get a bit cranky, your thinking gets a bit fuzzy and then you make poor food choices
  • You are exposing your body to a “famine”; while you know you’re going to eat later, your body and its regulatory hormones do not; your body turns to survival tactics and begins to store calories (fat) and burns fewer calories (lowered metabolic rate) – both bad for weight management
  • May lead to binge eating
  • May effect your fasting blood sugar levels and lead to pre-diabetes
  • May be associated with belly fat – most unhealthy!

If you’re not hungry, don’t eat. If you’re just a bit hungry, eat just a bit. If you’ll listen to your body, you’ll know just how much to eat. And if you’re not hungry at breakfast, you’ve most likely eaten too much the night before and we’ll need another minute to discuss.

Think before you skip, to be well,



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