Shishito Peppers

Ever wonder how food trends get started? You see a new food on a menu, you spy the ingredient at the grocery, then Allrecipes has a million (okay many) recipes for the same food on line.

Sometimes it’s a grower, sometimes a distributor but often a celebrity chef who brings an item to the table. A news article, a great picture, a radio interview and you’re eating spelt. Or whatever.

Shishito peppers are a new trend for me. We love peppers in general; mild tasting cubanelles were a staple of my youth. And we grow peppers in the summer garden with limited success. So, when I saw these Japanese shishito peppers on a trendy appetizer menu, I thought I would try them

Like most peppers these are low in calories, low in fat, rich in vitamins C and K. They can be eaten raw or cooked. They are fairly mild though recipes comment that about 1 in 20 peppers have a bit of heat.

We buy them at the grocery in quart size bags and do find a mix of very mild to just a trace of heat to them.

Shishitos are small, perhaps the size of your pointer finger. They contain seeds that are edible and, although I suspect you could eat the stems, we didn’t.

We blistered them in a hot non-stick pan with just a skim of oil. Typically I put peppers on an outdoor grill to blacken them but these are too small for that.

We added a light sprinkle of salt, pepper and white balsamic vinegar and ate them like a finger food.

I can’t now recall how that first restaurant served them – only that they were delish.

During this in-between produce season, try a variation on one of your favorite veggies (purple cauliflower anyone?) to be well,


PS Let me know of any new veggies you’ve tried recently.



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