Shelf Talker

So, I’m reading an article about wines and how they are numerically rated and the term “shelf talker” comes up. If you’ve browsed the wine section at the grocery or your neighborhood wine shop, you’ll know immediately what is meant. There’s talk of  the nose, the legs, the fruit, the hints, the color, the tannins or lack thereof…

Do we need shelf talkers in the grocery to help us make healthy choices? The descriptions in the produce area would all scream – take me home! You’ll love me and I’ll love you. You can’t go wrong. My color is fab and so is my nutrition. You cannot live without me. And I smell great too.

Feeling a little tired? Well, here I am all cut up ready to go on your sandwich, your pizza, your salad or here’s some cubed melon so you don’t have to endure sticky counters.  Look, we’re even skewered and can go directly on the grill.

Each fruit and vegetable would score a 100.

Talk to me. The US food guide recommends half of your plate consist of fruits and vegetables. Five to nine servings each day is ideal; that doesn’t mean each needs to be different but the more variety, the better.

This is the perfect season to re-double your efforts in the produce section or farmer’s market. The shelves and bins are talking to YOU. Love your produce to be well,




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