New semester

We’re beginning a new semester at Purdue Fort Wayne and I’m happy to be back for both the routine of the day but also the terrific students I have. For years, we start class with a discussion about some nutrition topic in the news (distinguishing between real and fake news!!) but this year, I thought I’d supply the topic questions ahead of time:

For your contemplation, here are just a few:

  • is eating healthy expensive?
  • how helpful is nutrition info on menus?
  • is organic food necessary for a healthy diet?
  • should you go gluten free?
  • are herbal supplements safe?

Often, we get caught up in the latest headlines without putting much thought into the topic. My Minute readers are looking for more substance and context and I hope I’m keeping you current and on the RIGHT path to BE WELL.


PS Share your answers via email at cmarciam@gmail.com

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