Rollin’ along

We’ve been rolling merrily along in the grocery but could we have a healthier cart?

We all know good grocery shopping habits: shop with a list, don’t shop when hungry, stay on the perimeter and avoid the most crowded times at your store; but, did you know coupons and discount stores may be hazardous to your health?

Quick tips and thoughts for healthier grocery shopping.

  • coupons are almost always for inner aisle “junk” food. DON’T clip and you’ll save your health!
  • discount stores encourage bulk buying. Huge containers and bulk buying statistically result in YOU becoming bulky!
  • take the small cart. A big cart encourages extras which add up to extra on your waist.
  • glasses, please. That’s reading glasses – if you truly want to compare. Don’t rely on a front-of-package label to tell you the truth. Whatever you are interested in is ALWAYS in the fine print.
  • consider a delivery service. It will be less likely that your service will toss in those Flamin’ Hot Cheetos while in the check out lane.

Shop smart and with a plan to be well,


PS Share your best healthy shopping tips with me at cmarciam@gmail.com.

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