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A Google search can deliver much happiness – coveted shoes ON SALE! The menu of the greatest new restaurant. Driving directions anywhere.

What it can’t provide is any real discernment on information.

It’s a rarity for me to search a nutrition word or term but occasionally my college students want to talk about something obscure so I do a cursory glance at the lay literature (to see what they’re seeing) before I read the professional literature. OH MY! It shouldn’t shock me and yet it does.

While ads are obvious, the algorithm for the order articles are listed are related to financial agreements and are not based on veracity or your health. That being said, what should we read?

Cleveland Clinic Health Library is easily navigated. Cholesterol issue and you want to eat out? They’ve got current advice. Berkeley Wellness also provides a breadth of topics; want to know how TV cooking shows are affecting us, they’ve got it.

Mayo Clinic offers solid information with some depth to their topics – women and belly fat? Done. WebMD has a nice, searchable website but the “free”, in my opinion, has been veering towards the commercial a bit too much.

My professional organization, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, has a website eatright.org which contains reliable info like food safety tips when traveling abroad.

As I’ve mentioned before, the American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society are good references. The oft cited Center for Science in the Public Interest and the Environmental Working Group are too political for my taste; they’re focused on the government providing the perfect food world.

While the number of useful, reliable sites are numerous, readability is often lacking. We Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (especially we mature ones) have taken information, organized it into knowledge and can express it with careful thoughtfulness. Find us, we love to talk.

I appreciate being one of your nutrition resources, love your comments and am happy to hear what topics you want to hear more about to be well,




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