Quick & Easy

Looking over my shoulder as I was reading a recipe, our son said, “I notice a lot of your recipes have ‘minutes’ in the title or include the words ‘fast’ or ‘quick’.”

Riiiiiiiight. While I get great joy out of eating a great meal or dish, actually making it is not fun or fulfilling to me.

Holiday meals or having guests over earn more cooking time but I don’t necessarily see those meals as more important than our family meals. We deserve great tasting, healthy meals but I don’t think I need a lot of time (or kitchen equipment).

On the other hand, our son has had the luxury of cooking with a meal kit this summer – Blue Apron. Their recipes require every cutting board and pan in the house. The food processor and box grater are often utilized in the same meal. The garlic press is often out and I didn’t even know we owned one. The counters are cluttered and the process is long. But his meals look exactly like they’re pictured in the Blue Apron supply box and the food tastes GREAT.

He enjoys that creativity (and probably knows I’ll offer to clean up afterwards). He comments on “the flavor profile” and wonders about tweaks he could make. Let me repeat, these are great meals. And very often quite healthy.

We both value a delicious, healthy meal. He enjoys the process and I enjoy the results. Maybe you sit in between our two extremes – you don’t mind prep lasting more than 10 minutes, but you don’t want to spend a full hour on dinner – ’cause that glass of wine just doesn’t last that long.

Meals prepared quickly or slowly can both be healthy so YOU can be well.


PS I’m grateful he didn’t look at my recipe file that says, Three Ingredient Dishes!

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