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Q: I looked through your book and notice you didn’t mention how many calories an “almost adult” should be eating. Shouldn’t they be counting calories? MK

A: I hope you and your “almost adult” are discovering that the book isn’t a diet per se, but a nutrition guide. While the word “diet” truly means the food we routinely consume, the word got hijacked and now is used to describe a restrictive, weight loss regimen. Not good for many reasons. The goal of my book is to offer the most basic principles of healthy eating and show that healthy eating is not all that difficult.

Snuggie heaven

One of the foundational pieces of good nutrition is that we should be listening to our bodies. When we are hungry we should eat; when we feel satisfied we should stop. Some days, we’ll be more active and hence be hungrier; other days we’ll be wearing a snuggie while channel surfing and we won’t need to eat that much.

IF we listen to those internal cues, we won’t be overeating and so no need to know nor count calories. IF we get busy eating healthy foods, we won’t overeat so many of the unhealthy ones and I suspect your almost adult knows which foods fit in which category.

Another way to look at dieting is that we Americans are “dieting” more and are heavier than ever. Perhaps dieting isn’t the answer to being well. And thanks for buying the book!


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