Fashion police

Orange prison jumpsuit

Without regard to the pumpkin orange color, prison jumpsuits might be a real crime to society.

Brian Wansink, in conversation with an Urbana, IL journalist, wondered about the average weight gain (22 pounds over six months) among jailed prisoners. On less than fabulous cuisine, why was there any weight gain let alone a significant one? Wansink surmised that with a lack of the external cue of fitted clothing, people tend to overeat and gain weight. No waist on the jumpsuit? Simply criminal.

I certainly won’t ask for a show of hands of people who had to loosen a belt on Thanksgiving, but I will ask if you’re currently wearing sweat pants or anything with a drawstring waist? Could your attire be considered a caftan or, in another era, a muumuu? Would What Not To Wear hosts stop you on the street?

Why not use this not so subtle hint of zipped up pants or skirts with a belt to tell you when you are eating more than your clothing says you should. “Clothing allowance” will take on a new meaning. While we should all be in tune with our body’s sense of hunger and satiety, sometimes we need to be reined in.


PS Babies always eat to their appetite unless we interfere. The picture, though, was irresistible.

PPS Dr. Wansink is currently serving as Executive Director of USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.


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