"Portion-Size Me"

“Tall cappuccino with skim milk, please.”
“$2.97, please pull around.”

And so it goes at my Starbucks once or twice each week.

Pulling up this morning, I noticed a new advertisement for “treat-size” cookies. It made me wonder if we should call one of their “conventionally” sized cookies, an entree.  Let’s see, the treat-size PB cookie contains 160 calories; would just one be a treat?  Perhaps two maybe even three would seem like a real treat.  Starbucks’ “outrageous oatmeal cookie” weighs in at 370 calories.  I know you’re already way ahead of me on the math. Starbucks’ petite vanilla bean scones contain only 140 calories each compared to 440 calories in one of their maple oat pecan scones. There’s special pricing if you buy three petite scones.  Hmmm.

Starbucks is certainly not alone in this; in fact, they are only giving the consumer exactly what we are asking for – lower calorie items – in quantity.

How did we get here?  Ah, does super-size me and all those around me ring a bell?  Our portions are truly out of control.  As a counter movement, Dr. James Painter, of Eastern Illinois University crafted a great study with a couple of his graduate students (studying nutrition). He called his study, “Portion-Size Me.”
The CBS Early Show featured the RD (registered dietitian), PhD in one of their segments.

I know I won’t have a best seller on my hands entitled, “Lose weight by eating less” but…if you’re struggling with your weight, why not consider eating less?

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