Portion Plate

I’ve blogged about portions before, and if the notion caught your attention, you might be interested in this aid, “The Portion Plate”. It’s a retail item that helps you see “correct” portions.

The diameter of the plate is 9″; in our cupboards, we might see that as a salad plate! The indented area, where food would actually sit on the plate, measures about 6 1/2″.  This plate, rightfully, suggests that plant foods cover three-fourths of your plate. Meat, assuming you’re a carnivore, fills one-fourth of your plate. The oft present “deck of cards” reveals the size of your meat portion. Interestingly, even if your meat is fish, chicken or turkey that same deck size portion is recommended.

Close your eyes and picture last night’s dinner; how did it compare to The Portion Plate? If your 10″ (or larger) plate was so filled with your meat entree that you needed a salad and bread plate, you might have a starting point for reviewing your diet.  I own this plate and one for the pediatric set for instructional purposes, but I’m guessing you could just down size your dinner plates as a great starting place to a better diet.  If you need the training wheels of this plate, you could order one from: http://www.theportionplate.com/ for about $12 plus shipping.

Eat less, be well,

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  1. Clyde says:

    We always eat off of paper plates because my wife is not good about doing dishes.(but that is for another time) Anyway, the paper plates we have are very cheap and very flimsy. Therefore, we have efeectivley shrunk the plate size down because if you fill it completely, the plate will collapse and end up on the floor. My wife is not good about cleaning up messes.(but that is for another time)

  2. Ozzie says:

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  3. KrisB says:

    Loved the idea of a portion plate. The concept should be used as a placemat, where allowed. Was Ozzie commenting on your blog, or just editorializing?

  4. Grant Crawford says:

    My family as well eats off paper plates I just wanted Clyde to know there are more of us paper plate eaters out there.

  5. maurice says:

    I work for beBetter right now. I do not have a Portion Plate but see them in the office. I know our kids do not get enough of the fruits or vegetables to feed my children. They choose to make eating healthy difficult and their mom allows it. Ozzie has no clue and although paper plates do decrease portions they do not gibe the reminder that seconds kill the reason behind having healthy data printed on the plate (not to mention that they are bad for the environment. My first time to your site (due to the plates) but I feel it was good start on commentary of the health issues troubling our society. Thank you.

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