Well, autocorrect is freaking out, but that’s how it’s spelled: Peganism.

It’s the relatively new marriage between the paleo diet and veganism to promote weight loss. Will the marriage last? At least until the wind blows to the next trend, clever moniker or movement.

The paleo diet (AKA the caveman diet) has many permutations, but it will be laden with lean animal proteins – beef, pork, lamb, chicken, eggs, fish. Nuts, seeds, oils, fruits and vegetables are included. You wonder if “caveman diet” wasn’t a big seller since cavemen and women had pretty short lifespans. But I digress.

Paleo restrictions include all grains, all dairy, all beans and legumes in addition to highly processed foods and iodized salt. Often you see the recommendation that you’ll need a vitamin-mineral supplement along with the diet – always a sign that the diet is not balanced.

The vegan diet shuns all animal foods and products and, as such, is 100% plant-based.

Does the union sound like it’s off to a shaky start? I think I’d need a cheat sheet to see what I could or could not eat if I were a Pegan. The science looks a bit sparse on all the claims so we might want to consider that too.

Could we stop with the crazy names and restrictions? Or should we make up our own? No need to buy the next diet book. Let’s go on the LiPPPS diet.

Eat and enjoy food that I LiKE. Always use a PLATE. Always control PORTIONS. Include more PLANTS. SIT while enjoying any food or snack. That doesn’t sound too hard, does it? Who’s with me to be well?





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