Nutrition “news”

Haven’t done this in awhile, but here we go today: POP QUIZ.

Should you get your nutrition advice from:

  1. a Russian “bot”
  2. your neighbor (but honestly, would Janis steer me wrong?)
  3. the magazines at the grocery store check-out line
  4. someone selling you something
  5. Facebook
  6. none of the above

Did Facebook stump you? Food and nutrition information on Facebook is consistently specious;  and we often buy right in. We take the grain of truth we recognize from an article and figure the rest of what they’re promoting must be correct. Oops.

So, let’s review. What we want to see on Facebook are pictures of kids, grands, cat videos, a great sunset.

What we should avoid is health information (probably on any health subject but definitely related to nutrition).

You can skip reading: bananas cause weight gain, coconut water is a superior fluid replacement drink, juice cleanses are the way to go (pun intended) or keto diets for weight loss are IT  (since no scientific studies support that). Well, I could go on, but you get the picture.

While promoters of these fallacies are getting smarter and “publish” articles that look more scientific, they aren’t any better than the old grocery tabloid…though, sometimes I do wonder about the Elvis sightings.

Answer #6 to be well,


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