“No country in the developed world…”

…cooks less than Americans,”  says Donna S. Martin, registered dietitian nutritionist and president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Read that again. Remarkable – a task which most probably can improve our health and life and yet we do it with less frequency than ever before.

As we mentioned in the last Minute, despite all the conveniences and encouragement we get to cook at home, we just don’t do it. The chicken is already plucked, skinned and de-boned. No need to grind and mill your wheat to produce flour so you can make bread; loaves are not only available at the grocery, they are already sliced! Pre-washed vegetables? Oh, you need them chopped, skewered or come already seasoned? OK.

So, obviously convenience is not the problem. “Time” is part of “convenience”, so I think that’s more EXCUSE than explanation as to why we don’t cook at home. Are we lacking basic cooking skills?

We’ve set aside our Betty Crocker basic cookbook and brought out Bobby Flay recipes and we’re stumped. Expensive, hard to find, exotic ingredients utilizing cooking techniques that we’d first have to study?

Televised cooking competitions? Even the kid version intimidates me. It’s discouraging, unrealistic and truly not necessary. Once schools dismissed “home economics” class, though, we were probably doomed. Who taught us to cook? So, it’s not just you. It’s everyone – or at least one generation of Americans seeping into a second generation.

My challenge for non-cooks is to pick one entrée dish you love. Pull a well reviewed allrecipes.com version of it or ask your mom, aunt or a cookin’ dad for one basic recipe and give it a go. Read through and see if you could master that. Sure it might take a second or third try, but you’ll be learning with each attempt.

Put aside those celebrity cookbooks, find one easy dish to prepare to be well,


PS Cooking is a creative outlet, good way to wind down, distraction from the day’s  work, a way to bond with your kids and downright FUN!


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