NEWS ALERT: All Diets Work

All diets work! Isn’t that just the best news? All diets, when stripped bare, restrict calories and result in weight loss. So, select whatever diet you want: high fat, high protein; low fat; vegan; blood type; low carb; high carb; paleo; raw food; volumetrics; or baby food…to name a few. A diet published in a scientific journal, on the web, or in the comic pages works that same mathematical formula. Consume fewer calories than you expend each day and you will drop weight.

Here are three simple rules to remember when selecting that fabulous new diet.

  1. You will be eating this way for the rest of your life, so make sure that food is readily available at your grocery store. And available at restaurants. And when traveling. It should probably be tasty too.
  2. If there’s any kind of stated warning to limit how long you follow this diet run from it! A time limitation tells you something is missing from the diet and it sounds like someone is trying to limit their liability.
  3. If you are directed to take a nutrient supplement to insure you are meeting your day’s requirements, avoid that diet too. All nutrients are available in sufficient amounts from wholesome foods so the suggestion that you can’t meet your needs on their diet tells you the diet is inadequate. 

If you were intending to become healthier as a result of the diet or you were interested in losing fat and not just “weight” then you might need to use your noodle. Now that I think about it, perhaps all those diets aren’t very useful if you are interested in good health. Healthy weight and healthy diet shouldn’t be an either/or proposition; they should go hand-in-hand.

Read those rules one more time to help you find a weight loss plan that helps you
Be well,

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