Your kitchen

Did anyone feel like a groundhog who popped up out of the ground on the 2nd? Apparently we are NOT to come out of our hole just yet. We’ll need to spend a while longer in home lockdown.

I’m certainly grateful to have a safe home. And electricity, especially this week! But, on top of those blessings, I am grateful to have a kitchen. There’s both a physical and emotional comfort in one’s kitchen, often the center of the home, right? The psychological comfort that you know you will be fed is another blessing. Nourished is perhaps a better word than fed as it conveys more than just food.

As I think about children (of all ages), who are home, I truly hope the kitchen has been a wonderful educational resource. Measuring with little ones helps explain math application. Heat conduction with metal and glass pans might stir some scientific thought in an older child. Have we taught our children what a balanced healthy meal looks like? Have we taught them how to cook?

And for we slightly older students, we might choose to use our brains in the kitchen! For a birthday cake recipe, I needed to convert metric measurements and temperatures and my immediate default was to use my phone (not to order out but to do the conversions). WAIT! Let’s get that brain exercised. Once we stop thinking for ourselves and solving our own questions we will lose the ability to do so.


  • How many teaspoons in a tablespoon?
  • How many cups in a gallon?
  • How many ounces in a pound?
  • What is the Fahrenheit equivalent of 177 ° Celsius?
  • How many bottles will be filled from a barrel of wine? Now, obviously, we’re getting serious!

Join me and my college students and stretch that brain.

Eat well to be well,


PS Happy birthday to my February birthday boys!

PPS OK, a bit of help – 300 bottles!




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