How to get your kids to eat vegetables

That’s the screaming headline I’ve seen three times in two days. Would you believe I have the answer?


There’s nothing and no one more influential to a child than a parent. So your diet is his diet. Your habits are her habits. So the better question: how can you get yourself to eat more vegetables?

To begin, you need a plan. Two ways to go: one vegetable prepared seven different ways through the week or seven different veggies. You’ll already know what suits you, your shopping habits and your tastebuds.

Next, pull up an online list to see what’s in season like http://www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org/what-fruits-and-vegetables-are-in-season

Alternatively, browse the produce section of your grocery and determine which vegetables are best priced. Those are the ones in-season.

If you’ve got a couple vegetables in mind, check online for some recipes in which you can use your new purchase. Do you need to buy additional ingredients?

We hard-core veggie lovers are happy to have vegetables plain – steamed, oven roasted or grilled. But a novice eater likely needs a few additions.

Don’t hesitate to make a casserole with your new found friend. Add veggies to a home baked pizza. Add a dip. Or cheese. Or add the new veggie into a combo with ones you already like. We just want you to get over neophobia – fear of new things. Once you’re comfortable with a veggie, that would be the time to roll back the additions and discover what the vegetable tastes like NAKED!

But until that time comes, show your kids YOU are eating your vegetables to be well,


PS May veggies include: artichokes, asparagus, lettuces, greens, mushrooms and zucchini. Wouldn’t oven roasted zucchini sticks topped with a little parmesan be good?

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