Foods with vitamin D

A very brief Minute to answer those (two people) who had questions about dietary sources of vitamin D. It will be brief because there aren’t many!!

Fatty fish, salmon, tuna, mackerel, are good sources. Where have we heard those foods are good for us before?

Most milk in the US is fortified with vitamin D. Not only is whole milk fortified but 2% and skim milk are as well. Check your label though.

Fortification often does NOT make sense, (random nutrients in not-so-healthy foods) but in this case, using milk as a vehicle for vitamin D delivery is smart.

Wild mushrooms and eggs (the yolk in particular) are also good sources of vitamin D.

Again, sunshine is a wonderful, natural source your body counts on. Vitamin D is one of our fat-soluble vitamins that is stored nicely in the body – stock up while you can. But certainly be mindful of excessive sun exposure and skin damage.

Eat fatty fish to be well,



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