Enough: abundance, adequacy, plenitude, ample, sufficient, suitable and right amount.

Anything more would be the wrong amount.



Let’s talk diet. Chatting with a friend last week I said, “I feel a blog post coming on”. She rolled her eyes and said, “feel free!”.  So, here is the story of enough. And too much.

One’s body is a certain size, gender and age; it enjoys a lot or a little physical activity. All the body parts are working well or not so well. These are the factors that determine nutrition requirements.

We all understand calories: enough is good but too many is bad. Enough sodium is necessary for normal body functions but too much is bad. Enough dietary fat is essential for life but too much is bad.

We neglect to transfer that idea to all nutrients and so the industry of supplements was born. Enough vitamin A is important for eyesight and skin health, then more is better right? NO! More is too much. In fact, too much vitamin A can cause dry, rough, scaly skin.

Enough vitamin C keeps blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and bone healthy. C is an important structural component  You won’t grow more bone with more vitamin C; in fact, too much may cause kidney stones.

When people consume too much of a nutrient, it is typically through supplementation not food.

My friend’s challenge is a twist on too much. She is eating too much fiber! And her gut was telling her it’s too much. How can that even happen? She doesn’t take supplemental fiber. Her diet is super healthy.

Whole foods never let us overdose on nutrients. The human body is designed to eat whole foods; the “bulk” of those foods limit overeating. But modify those foods and you’ll be eating too much.

Think of the sugar in a fresh apple. Healthy, right? One apple is a portion. One is enough for our appetite. But process that apple into apple juice and you’ll be consuming the equivalent of 3 – 6 apples. That’s too much.

So, shove the food processor, blender and juicer back in the cupboard along with the supplements – they all end up giving us too much. Eat whole foods to get enough to be well,









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