Dirty air, healthy body?

A Purdue Alumnus magazine featured an article: Something in the air – babies stir up clouds of bio-gunk when they crawl. They had me at bio-gunk!

To test a theory, engineers (civil, environmental and ecological) created a baby robot and had it crawl on carpet and “breathe” in whatever.

The biologic materials inhaled by “baby” were significant in mass and diversity which it was theorized would PREVENT allergy and asthma in later years. That gives real life baby time to develop his immune system. So, they learned exposure to bio-gunk IS healthy.

That translates into our food world in two ways. Introduction of new foods, tastes and textures helps the baby’s (or our) tastebuds learn about new foods. And from the “biological materials” we ingest, particularly with fresh fruits and vegetables, we are simultaneously offering diverse bacteria to the gut.

Healthy gut bacteria, the microbiome, is influenced by a healthy diet and that influences health.

We’ve talked about microbiota, gut flora or whatever you want to call it before. Cultured foods and fresh produce are excellent sources of healthy bacteria. We probably understand about 2 percent of what there is to know about gut health and the microbiome and health claims (and supplements are way out over our skis) but we can all agree at this time, it’s important!

To have a healthy gut, eat well.


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