Decision Fatigue

Talking with a friend who is successfully losing weight and she asked about food variety. Changing up our food choices does increase the likelihood of obtaining all the necessary nutrients we need.

Interestingly, making too many food decisions eventually fatigues us and we begin to make less-than-healthy choices.

Here’s an example. You have good intentions when you enter the grocery store. You select some fabulous produce when you first walk in. It’s beautiful and enticing.

You came for a couple items but actually forgot your list (oops) and decide to head down a few aisles to see if you can recall what you need.

You pass by the bakery – NO to the cake. Next is the deli – NO to the potato salad, though it does look good. You remember you’re out of skim milk so you head to the back of the store via the cracker corridor. But you say NO! You even say NO to the ice cream (with your name on it) when you’re in the frozen section looking for some veggie blends.

Checking out you notice all the royals and see there was an Elvis sighting. Candy is at check out too – and the bars are SO small, they probably don’t count as a serving. You toss a couple onto the conveyor belt.

You were part of the resistance movement for the entire store. But, saying “NO” is tiring.

Shopping with kids? Fuhgeddaboudit. Parents typically last to the candied cereal aisle.

You need a meal plan, a shopping list and focus. More on grocery shopping in another Minute to help you be well.


PS  How is she losing weight you ask? She records everything she eats (been recording for more than 100 days straight), eats more produce and is more active – what a plan, right?

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