I’ve just finished a week of training at MindCAP a Feuerstein Training Center – examining how we think. It reminded me of a college (!) prof who asked me, “how do we know what we know”? All these years later, I still ponder that.

This program rigorously explores the idea through cognitive exercise. And yes, my brain is tired!

Our instructor, the brilliant and gracious Greta, had an even more remarkable quality – endless patience wrapped up in positive energy which served as encouragement to learn more. And to take that information and apply it!

While I will share a couple specifics today, BRIDGING some Feuerstein concepts to our food, nutrition and health talk, I believe my brain is changed. And I hope I can help you change your thinking about your diet.

Greta said, “No one is ever stuck.” And then elaborates that is true IF you want to change and you BELIEVE you can. So, that made me think of people who state food absolutes:

  • I’m never hungry for breakfast
  • I don’t have time to eat right
  • My kids hate vegetables so I’ve stopped serving them
  • I can never lose those last five pounds
  • I have this enormous sweet tooth so I’ll never lose weight

The best and only place to start is where you are. What are your habits now? Record them. Consider them. Honestly, you can’t make a plan without having relevant input. Do your homework on you before making a plan to be well.


PS We’ve talked food journaling before – pencil and paper, phone app, web entries…I typically say format doesn’t matter. Perhaps it does. Go old school with that journal this time and find a pencil!

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