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My students are taking their final test tomorrow and I thought I’d share one of the questions. (None follow my Minute, so I think I’m safe in letting you in).

Eat more vegetables if you want to decrease your risk of developing what disease or condition?

We, in the US, get so focused on micronutrients and wannbe nutrients, we miss the bigger picture which is food contains all that we need for good health. There are certainly conditions that require supplementation (malabsorption disorders top the list) but that’s a rarity. While I know I beat this drum pretty regularly, the rhythm is right: eat whole foods for better health.

Time’s up. Raise your hand if you answered heart disease. How about cancer? Another show of hands with Type 2 diabetes. And finally, did anyone think of stroke?

You are all correct. As we transition to a new produce season, challenge yourself to try a new vegetable to be well.


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