The Grocery

In class this semester, one of the groups “presented” on the psychology of the grocery store. I love that topic but this semester it gave me pause. Let’s chat.

The things we have long known:

  • bigger carts encourage you to buy more
  • warehouse clubs encourage more buying  (resulting in eating more and wasting more)
  • fruits/veggies/flowers are at the entrance so you feel the freshness, wholesomeness, healthiness of the store
  • candy at the check out aisle is there because you’re exhausted and you deserve a reward by that time
  • the scent wafting from the bakery increases your chance of buying a baked good

So, my thoughts turn to those using grocery shopping services and knowing that Nutrition Minute readers are health conscious:

  • are you buying more/less/same?
  • are you buying more/less/same amount of produce?
  • cooking more from scratch?
  • are you adding SOFAS? solid fats and added sugars like cookies/cakes/pop/snack foods/candy

Dollars spent (pre- and post-quarantine) in the grocery isn’t an accurate comparison since we’ve restricted eating out so much. Did your daily diet get healthier or not so much? Healthier on week one and less so by week 734?

Will share some food trends in another Minute but, in the meantime, would love to hear how and what you’re doing to be well,


PS Share your habits at cmarciam@gmail.com – I can shield your identity – except for outing my registered dietitian/nutritionist friend who said she’s been ADDING candy to her list!

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Longer term thoughts

I hope everyone is safe and healthy and for those celebrating Holy Week, I hope you find comfort and peace in your days.

It’s probably good that we’re all different! Some of us have long term views; my husband, for instance, is anticipating Thanksgiving and turkey (which I have never served). With an optimistic nature, I have a shorter view. I see joy in every day things like fresh ice cubes -Thursday was National Gin & Tonic Day, I hope you celebrated.






Do whatever you have to to stay sane but my plea is that you listen to the daily White House press briefing and turn all other TV news off. We are smart enough to hear what is being said and not being said without someone giving their interpretation of it. Things are getting better every day.

What we should have remembered:

  • washing your hands frequently is smart
  • if you’re sick, stay home
  • if in doubt, use a thermometer

What we should have considered:

  • reusable bags that aren’t washed after every store visit, transports germs in addition to groceries
  • our food chain and everyone in it is essential
  • hoarding, in the US, is uncalled for

What we should learn:

  • respect the food we do bring home which means storing it carefully with labels and dates
  • leave the grocery bags off the kitchen counters
  • never go to the market without a list

Eat well, drink (water) well, sleep well to be well.


PPS I posted a new poll – I like to change them up every year or so – take this one on healthy habits!

PPS From Facebook: The truth is, it’s not so boring at home; but it is interesting to see how one bag of rice has 7456 grains of rice and another bag has 7489.


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