What’s in your cart?

Let’s get the elephant out of the way first. You found toilet paper; good for you. Don’t brag. Don’t hoard.

Could it be Armageddon? The junk food aisle looks pretty well stocked at the grocery while the more nutritious foods are emptied out. Hmmm. Second sign might have been when my husband bought himself a box of Frosted Flakes and was enjoying them. He’s the ultimate in disciplined healthy eaters. Concerning.

But, I think: this is a limited virus which will work its way through the population with a survival rate extremely high. Speaking of, get your news from the top health officials during a press conference and avoid the gleeful panic the talking heads spew 24/7.

OK, would you believe the same healthy diet is what we should be consuming now? HYDRATION is of utmost importance. Excepting alcohol, everything else counts as a liquid (so, yes to coffee and tea if you like).  I know this is related to TP, but the rolls are coming.

The second important health issue is SLEEP; not nutrition, I know, but intimately related. As long as you have avoided the incessant media death knell, you’ll be sleeping better after a fine Hallmark channel binge or an old family movie favorite.

Then, doggone it, those meals should look like any other. Fruits and veggies are still important. If you’re hesitant to buy fresh produce because they are handled so much, frozen and canned alternatives are great! Grains of all sorts are important energy providers for that power walk around your house. Protein comes in many forms like beans, peanut butter, nuts and seeds. Probably best to avoid the bulk foods for now.

More later, till then, be well,


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