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Some Thoughts on Impeachment and Resistance

Where have I been and why haven’t I posted in months? I ask myself that regularly. All good on this end. I appreciate readers who said they missed my posts. Both people. And one, frankly, was my mother.

At any rate, I’m back and talking impeachment.

Well, really just the PEACH part. Doesn’t a great, ripe, juicy peach sound delicious? You’re thinking vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, fiber, no fat…or perhaps that beautiful scent and sun-kissed perfect peach color.¬† Yet, one must resist. It’s not the season and won’t be in the US for another five months.

There are many reasons to stick with seasonal eating. The produce is unquestionably tastier but it’s an environmental savings too.

Eating with the season ensures you will have variety in your diet which is one of three key components of a healthy diet; plus you’ll enjoy a cost savings. Browse the produce department and see what looks great – that’s what is in season. Produce that looks like it should!

While it’s admirable to go to the market with a list, in the produce section, you should probably think on your feet. Your list might say “Buy 2 Veggies” and once there you can decide what looks best. Price is often a great clue.

I bought some apples the other day knowing full well they were likely picked last fall and stored. Eating out of hand was out of the question; the moisture and crispness was lacking. I missed the crunch that an autumnal apple provides. A fine reminder of seasonal eating.

Buy smart, buy seasonal to be well,


PS Moderation and balance are the other two components of a healthy diet.

PPS Apples went into a delish dessert  Рan apple cake with ice cream and caramel run sauce Рneed I say more?

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I got the mustard

So, I’m in the grocery store and I hear a husband tell his wife, “I got the mustard”. She asks, “Is it organic?”

I made sure she wasn’t joking and then I started laughing so hard I had to move to another aisle. Really, lady, what are you thinking? Or, are you thinking?

As we’ve covered in a previous Minute, the Stanford study from a few years ago conducted a “comprehensive meta-analysis” comparing conventionally grown and organically grown foods. Their published study did NOT find that organic foods were more nutritious. They did find fewer pesticides in organic fare but also increased costs. Most people believe more expensive food will be a more nutritious food, which is not the case.

Health risks or health benefits? No difference.

But the perception is real and if it makes one feel better to buy organic and you can afford it, feel free.

What I found so funny about the mustard conversation was, if the wife truly thought an organic mustard was going to make a difference to her health, in what quantity was she eating it? As one of my students mentioned, as we were discussing the encounter, “it’s just mustard”.

Sadly, I did spy them going back to the mustard shelf to find an organic mustard!

Know that the nutrient content of the food the mustard goes on is more important than the condiment. Be smart to be well,


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