Artisanal Pizza

Doesn’t “artisanal” sound so much more intriguing than “homemade”? The difference between “artisanal” and “homemade”? About $5!

It’s pizza night. Eat out? You always order and eat more than your appetite. Delivery? Ditto. Let’s make it at home; we’ve got time to put something together. And, it’s ARTISANAL!

The first step in getting the family’s buy-in is to announce “Pizza Night” in advance. Get some input on toppings. Enlist help for grocery shopping and all of a sudden, pizza at home is an event.

Why make pizza at home when there are endless, economical pizzas out there? Eating at home gives you total (or almost total) control of your nutrient intake. Spouse not eating veggies? Pizza’s a good hide-out. Kids prefer eating out with friends? Involve them and they’re at your table. You’re all consuming too much in general? I promise, you will be more mindful when eating your own artisanal pizza.

If working with yeast is your thing and you’ve got the time – go for it. The rest of us might choose one pre-made or buy the dough; or, we could fashion a crust from English muffins, flatbread or if you’re Libby cauliflower crust!

Tomatoes in season, in your own garden or the farmer’s market? Cook away. Pizza sauce requires no skill, just time. If you’re out of time, open the jar without guilt.

Ditto cheese and any toppings your heart desires and I hope your heart desires more veggies. But you get the picture. Artisanal pizza can be a whole day affair or last minute. Let’s get together in the kitchen and figure it out.

Eat together at home to be well,


PS We opted for purchased dough, homemade sauce and whatever on top but we’re already talking about next time!

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