Afternoon tea

The royal wedding talk brought “afternoon tea” to mind. Little sandwiches, bread and jam, scones and pastries also came to mind:))

The tradition began when people were eating only two meals daily and needed a little snack to tide one over until a late evening meal.

Republic of tea website explains “high tea” also known as “meat tea”,  another name for a working class dinner – is a “meat and potatoes” meal.

But it’s afternoon tea that made me think of that 4 pm feeling. A bit of fatigue or perhaps a dip in blood sugar has many of us reaching for caffeine or sugar or both. Or are you a vending machine chips and soda aficionado? If we’re aware of that sinking feeling in the late afternoon, why not plan for it?

First, are you really hungry or are you tired from sitting all afternoon? A bit of a stretch or a walk outside may suffice and give you the energy to finish your work day. If that doesn’t help, are you just thirsty? You might have been attentive to water in the morning, but if you got engrossed with your work or just didn’t take the time to refill your water bottle, perhaps lack of hydration is your issue.

But if you are truly hungry, what mini-meal or snack did you plan? Ahhh, yes the dirty four letter word PLAN. Nuts and seeds carry and keep well anywhere. If you work from home or have a convenient fridge, perhaps a non-sugary yogurt might help. Cheese and crackers are easy as well as nut butters and crackers. So, we’re looking for about 200 calories and a mix of nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

This deserves your attention as much as a meal does. If china tea cups, linens, scones with clotted cream and tea won’t fit into your afternoon, there are many other options to pick you up and still be well.


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