Addition is easier than subtraction

Are you like me who found addition easier than subtraction? And I’m still talking old math…

At any rate, I had the privilege of speaking to Indiana School Social Workers a couple weeks ago. Their day focused on taking care of themselves. My talk intended to ARM them with tools and techniques to take care of their diets which in turn takes care of their health.

A stands for assessment which we’ve discussed often here. We’re not all starting out at the same place/diet. We probably aren’t all capable of getting to the same “perfect” diet endpoint. So, an honest assessment of your starting point is key.

The group easily recognized what a generally healthy diet is: lean proteins, low fat dairy, fruits and vegetables. They were a bit slower, like most of us, to mention whole grains but they eventually got there. Plenty of water was listed too. In the not-so-healthy list: processed foods, sugar, desserts in general, eating out and skipping meals.

But here’s where ADDITION comes in. It’s always easier to add to our diets than take away. By its very nature, subtraction is negative. Couldn’t we focus more on what we should ADD to our diets? When we get busy adding healthy foods and beverages, it leaves us less (stomach) room for the not-so-good. Healthy foods overtake the unhealthy.

Think about what you could add to your diet today, to be well,


PS I challenge you to find a kinder, more giving group than school social workers.

PPS ARM: Assessment; Role model those good eating behaviors. And Make a Change. Today.

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