19 Cup Holders

Let’s start out with some math. If a car holds 8 people and 19 cup holders, how many minutes can the passengers last between bathroom breaks?

The number of cup holders built into cars has long been a key feature and selling point in the US auto market. A recent Wall Street Journal article crowns a Subaru SUV model as the champ with space for 19 drinks! Even if we use a couple for change and sunglasses, do we really need all 19? Could we be drinking too much? Talk about distracted driving.

This is one of a thousand examples we could come up with to illustrate mindless eating or specifically mindless drinking.

When we’re not paying attention to our food or beverages, we’re not enjoying them. Are we so dehydrated or so busy that we can’t take a break and sit down and enjoy a cup of joe or tea or water? Don’t get me started on pop, juice, energy drinks or sports drinks in those cup holders…

Not paying attention to our food typically means we eat faster and ignore any of our body’s own perfectly calibrated signals that tell us we’re full. We’re satisfied. We’ve had enough.

The convenience of the cup holders (which are growing in size to accommodate our GIANT sodas) are encouraging us to drink more.

Drink less in the car to be safe and to be well,


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