Which weight reduction diet is best?

Woman clutching bathroom scalesWe know all diets work because each restricts calories in some way. So, skip the question about which weight reduction diet is best and ask yourself more important questions:

  • Is this diet healthy?
  • Can I follow this diet for the rest of my life?

A negative response to either question tells you to move on and look for another plan.

If you’re still looking for a single plan, the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension – DASH (not even intended to be a weight loss diet) gives basic, common sense healthy diet advice.

That sounds pretty similar to the Mediterranean Diet, the Nordic diet, a Pescetarian diet…you can be your own diet detective to eat smart and be well!


INSight Interview

INSight Interview

PS Check out my InSight TV interview on the subject last week: What is the best weight reduction diet?

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In-the-NewsI’m not certain if the following ACTUAL headlines published over the past 3 weeks are automated or someone just created them; either way, I’m not certain these are worthy of ink:

  • Parents often make unhealthy choices as a result of misleading initial impressions from front-of-pack information, according to new research
  • High TV usage linked to increased junk food consumption
  • Consumers continue to buy treats in the New Year despite resolutions to eat healthier
  • Kids who ride home from school snack more than those who walk

So, we’ve learned the front of food packages are advertisements enticing you to buy the product; those package designers are hoping you won’t read the Nutrition Facts panel. We eat in front of the tube – SHOCKING. And that food isn’t healthy! EVEN MORE SHOCKING!

We like talking big when it’s resolution time. And, while our children are getting less exercise they are more “hurried” than ever which results in more snacking on unhealthy foods. Nothing good comes from hurrying.

Read the back of a food label (or select foods with no food label on it!); turn off the tube; don’t talk just do; get some exercise and slow down and enjoy the food you are eating to be well.



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