So, THAT’S what’s cookin’

brisketLet me share just a few replies on what’s cooking at your house for Thanksgiving.

While Tammy gives beef a big thumb’s up, she roasts a turkey in addition to her beef brisket. She loves her sides too but cautions, without the turkey, “it might be like having a wedding without a bride.”

Health conscious Britny is still waiting for anyone at her table to say, “please pass the kale salad” at least as often as they say, “please pass the deep fried turkey”. She and her husband are also contemplating a turducken this year. With one all encompassing dish, I wonder if they’re also considering a pake!

Bought one disposable pan and added a new instant read meat thermometer to my collection. It would be hard for me to describe what happened to my super-duper fork thermometer…

At our house today, I cleaned out the refrigerator; tossed out some long expired condiments and spices. A few unknowns in thestoragekitchen freezer got pitched as well. Stocked up on foil, plastic wrap and bags making a plan for leftovers. My personal diet downfall are those leftovers. On a daily basis, I portion before I cook, so we NEVER have leftovers but with parties and holidays, I fall into the trap of overeating leftovers.

So, I thought better preparation and room in the freezer will encourage immediate post-meal packing. It was Henry Ford who said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” It’s a good way to think about your diet and health habits. Make the change!

Today, I also gave thanks for having only one oven. Thankful because I have an oven and thankful that I don’t have two ovens. The latter would just leave me more options which equals stress. With “only” one oven, I pace myself, plan meticulously including timing, set the table the day before, pour a glass of wine early and never stress.

Maureen writes, “It’s about giving thanks…what is eaten is not that relevant.” Amen to that. Don’t stress this week to be well,



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Mo Rocca’s words of wisdom

Wild TurkeyPlanning our Thanksgiving dinner and wondering if I should make the usual – steaks on the grill or go with the beef tenderloin that I made last year. Or perhaps I should try something entirely different.

“Turkey this year?” our son asked. No way, that’s already been decided. But it reminded me of an interview I heard with Mo Rocca (last year, I think). In his own words:

I don’t get the fixation with turkey. It’s a good durable meat, but I much prefer the side dishes. If I could do college over again, I’d only take electives. I wouldn’t have a major. And that’s how I feel about Thanksgiving. I much prefer the little side dishes: the cranberry sauce, the molasses biscuits, the peas, the twist on mashed potatoes. But I suppose the center would not hold if you did not have turkey. You need to have it. Maybe you need to have it so that you can have something to put the side dishes around.

I think the sides hold together just fine with a glorious piece of beef in the middle. Tell me, are you going traditional? Trying any new side dishes this year? Turkey on the rotisserie like an old friend explained over the weekend? Happy Thanksgiving planning,


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