I only eat healthy foods…

strawberryCreamPixso, why can’t I lose weight? You probably hear that from friends, relatives and relative strangers as often as I do.

Are healthy foods making you fat? Are they preventing you from losing weight?

First, let’s first start with the definition of “healthy” foods. Ask 20 people and you’ll get 20 different answers. Ask 20 registered dietitian nutritionists and you’d get only a slight variation on: real foods.

And while most of us don’t mind a certain amount of processing  (frozen vegetables come to mind) a lot of processing, puffed up cheese doodlies, spell trouble. So, if your diet is made up of real food your grandmother would recognize, it’s likely a good choice.

We don’t need to shop in the organic aisle, the health food aisle or even the health food store. Healthy foods are at your grocery around the perimeter. Now that I think of it, you shouldn’t be food shopping at your gas station either.

But, the second half of the equation is: what do you do to that “real” food? If the strawberries get topped with whipped cream, it’s not a health food anymore. It’s a dessert. If the oatmeal that we know is healthy ends up swimming in pancake syrup and cream (just to make it palatable), why not just have a piece of cake? Ditto on those veggies. If you can’t enjoy that cauliflower until it’s deep-fat fried and swimming in cheese sauce, that’s a problem.

So as you’re analyzing your own diet…start at the grocery. From what aisle did you get that package? And, how will you prepare it?

It’s not an all-or-none proposition, our food should be tasty and enjoyable, but let’s be honest.  That healthy plain popcorn is not healthy once it becomes caramel corn.

Think and plan to be well,




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Paleo or whatever

WithbisonPix a background in anthropology and behavioral biology, Melvin Konner, published one of the earliest papers on the paleolithic diet. Of course you know the “paleo” diet: all carbs are bad. Except the ones that aren’t. Confusing because there is no known paleo diet.

We do know a few things about the  ancient diet (dental anthropology is one way) and the ever helpful Ötzi, the iceman whose stomach contents continue to be examined, is another. Konner uses the term “diet opportunists” to explain how early man ate. I’m pretty sure “diet opportunists” are how late man eats too.

Whatever we see we eat. Hungry or not.  If we’re at the Marathon station at 9 AM, we might as well buy a couple donuts and a frappuccino. If we’re driving by Wendy’s and its lunchtime, we take the opportunity to enjoy a square hamburger and a frosty….you get the picture. We eat whatever is around.

While resisting those same foods sound so taxing, how difficult would it be to devote three minutes of thought and perhaps 30 minutes of grocery shopping weekly to prevent those two diet opportunities (or should we call them disasters) to happen? If we had taken the opportunity to start the day with anything besides sugar and fat, wouldn’t the day be better launched?

Take the opportunity to think about how you plan to eat the next three days – when, where and what (with whom might also be insightful) and your diet is guaranteed to be better so you can be well,


PS  And yes, I know January 28 is National Blueberry Pancake Day. I’ve planned for it;)


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